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Writing Release Notes for Your Software: How to Get it Right

Release note is important. However, there is a lack of tutorials or widely acknowledged standards about how to produce a release note. Without “the right way,” release notes may cause all kinds of issues. In this article, we will provide an FAQ-style introduction on how to produce the “right” release note for your users, based on our recent research on ~1000 real release note issues in GitHub project. This is still a preliminary draft, so if you have any suggestions or critiques, feel free to comment below!

One paper accepted by ESEC/FSE 2023!

Wenxin’s study on project sustainability prediction is accepted by ESEC/FSE 2023. Congratulations to Wenxin!

Two papers accepted by ASE 2023!

Wenxin’s study on personalized good first issue (GFI) recommendation and Weiwei’s study on license incompatibility in the PyPI ecosystem are accepted by ASE 2023. Congratulations to Wenxin and Weiwei!